Aluminum Trailers or Steel Trailers

When you are thinking of buying a new trailer, you might be considering several factors such as what type or size of trailer will get your job done smoothly within a reasonable cost. However, one important factor you should consider when buying a new trailer is the material of the body. While steel trailers are widely used because they are economical, they are also susceptible to rusting and reduced longevity. If you are searching for a trailer that will give you the best value for your money, then buying an aluminum trailer is your best bet.

Rust Resistant

If you buy a steel trailer for use, it would need some kind of coating or paint to make it rust-resistant. However, aluminum trailers are naturally rust-resistant and therefore, durable and long-lasting. You do not need to worry about the paint chipping away or high maintenance when you choose to buy an aluminum trailer. This is especially important when you live in a place like Canada with exposure to harsh weather elements.

Low Maintenance

When you buy a custom aluminum trailer from a reputed trailer dealership, you can rest assured that it will be reliable and in mint condition, so you will not have to worry about the maintenance…simply cleaning them occasionally with a gentle cleaning agent like soapy water or car washers can make your aluminum trailer shiny and new.

Light Weight

Aluminum happens to be markedly lighter in weight than steel which makes aluminum trailers ideal for carrying out any kind of hauling easily and efficiently. Because of the lower weight, they have more capacity to carry greater loads than steel trailers of the same size since a large part of the weight is consumed by the material itself. They also offer better and more efficient hydraulic lift performance due to their light weight.

In addition, they also reduce pressure on your towing vehicle in comparison to steel trailers having the same load capacity. This translates into less wear and maintenance of your towing vehicle.

Easy To Repair

 Aluminum is extremely malleable when compared to steel. This makes it easy to repair aluminum trailers and gets them back into shape if any accidents or damage happen. Because of its malleable nature, even in case of significant damage to your aluminum trailer, it can be welded and salvaged with ease, unlike steel trailers which require a lengthy process to be repaired, and sometimes the damage is simply irreparable.

Higher Resale Value

In case you decide to sell your trailer in the future because it is of no use to you anymore, an aluminum trailer will fetch you higher resale value than a steel trailer because of the material and durability.

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