Accomplish your home improvement project or upgrade your current equipment with a deckover trailer. Deckovers are ideal for a wide range of applications and will provide years of quality service. Compared to typical flatbed trailers, our Deckover trailers offer extended width for all your materials. The raised deck of beautifully crafted spruce boards gives you a reliable surface that clears many obstacles on the road or around the job site.

Deckover Trailers in Ontario

Explore the features and benefits of Millroad trailers and find out how you can order your trailer today at an affordable cost. Compare these key features of our Deckover trailers today to discover how you can take on new projects or safely haul your gear to the next job site. Let NS Trailers help you build your trailer your way or enjoy a standard trailer with these key features:

All our trailers are constructed with durable aluminum materials. Aluminum is 40% lighter and resists oxidation and other issues that affect steel trailers. Unlike steel, you won’t have to paint your trailer to protect it from rust, but you can enjoy a polished, beautiful trailer for years to come. Thanks to the full-width bed, it’s easier than ever to haul extra-wide materials. Here are a few common ways the deckover trailer has been used by our happy customers:

These trailers have a slightly elevated deck to allow a single, uninterrupted storage area. Spring-assisted ramps allow you to haul your off-road or construction vehicles up to the bed. Use a skid steer to raise skids to the height of your deck and load them from any side for convenient loading and unloading.

The Millroad Advantage

Enjoy premier trailers from an industry leader. Millroad Manufacturing is a leader in aluminum trailer manufacturing in Canada. Whether you need a standard deckover or a custom option, Millroad manufacturers trailers to outlast the competition and tackle your project. From lightweight, durable aluminum to shrink-wrapped wiring and reliable LED lighting, we go over every detail to craft a trailer that stands up to demanding situations. If you have any questions about operating your trailer or designing a custom option, reach out to NS Trailers to get the answers you need.

Don’t settle for a generic trailer when you have a custom project ahead. Our custom trailers come with versatile options for any situation. Here are some of the many options you can use to tailor your trailer to your DIY project, equipment hauling or professional needs:

NS Trailers will work with you to create a custom trailer that carries Millroad’s quality and durability. From tires to tie-down points, make your trailer your own for versatile or highly specific projects. Enjoy reliable transportation options for all your toys, tools, and equipment.

Deckover Trailers

Deckover Trailer

Ideal for a wide range of applications and will provide years of quality service.

Deckover Equipment Hauler

These trailers include beavertails and flip-over ramps to help you transport your heavy-duty equipment efficiently and securely. Each Includes a Beavertail and Flip Over Ramps Level to Bed

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