The Flatdeck trailer has the simplest structure and is the most popular type of trailer. As the name suggests, this style of trailer is one large flat area able to carry many different types of loads. The Flatdeck trailer has a lower ground clearance which makes it easy to load and unload equipment and/or vehicles. The maximum bed width between the fenders of our Flatdeck models is 80”. Flatdecks are some of the lightest models we offer, allowing you more load capacity, keeping you within the restrictions of your license. If you need additional functionality, you can opt for a Flatdeck trailer with additional features like a toolbox, aluminum floors, aluminum rims and a variety of other options. Let NS Trailers help you choose the trailer that fit the demands of your job, your farm or your property!

Flatdeck Trailers in Ontario

Here are a few benefits you can enjoy when you choose one of our flatdeck trailers:

Compared to a steel trailer, our trailers are lightweight and corrosion-free. Don’t settle for a trailer that needs continuous maintenance and can easily overload your towing capacity. High-quality aluminum is just as strong as steel at a fraction of the weight. See what your truck is capable of by hooking on to one of our trailers and hauling one of these common loads.

Pict 20 - Single Axle

Common Flatdeck Uses

There’s a reason Flatdeck trailers are also known as utility trailers. Discover the versatile uses of your new trailer today. Choose a trailer that includes ample tie-down points and ramps to haul a wide range of vehicles and materials. Here are a few common uses for our Flatdeck trailers:

The deck of these trailers is closer to the ground than a Deckover trailer, which makes them ideal for loading vehicles and equipment. Always check the weight rating of your trailer and towing vehicle to ensure a safe ride.

Don’t let these uses hold you back. One of the biggest advantages of Flatdeck trailers is their versatility. As long as you follow weight limits and safely tie down your load, you can haul nearly anything you need. Move furniture or appliances to a new home or haul bags of mulch, lawn care equipment or skid steers to a job site.


Can’t find a trailer that fits your needs? A Millroad trailer can be customized to fit your preferences. Work with our team today to discover how we can fabricate a new trailer that matches your specifications and uses the same high-quality aluminum, industry-leading axles and dependable fabrication techniques of our stock trailers.

Add useful accessories to make it your own. Aluminum rims, custom toolboxes, tie-down points, aluminum flooring and custom storage racks are just a few ways we can tailor your trailer to fit your storage and transportation requirements. With the right tie-down gear, you can haul virtually anything you need for your home, farm, or work project.

Single Axle

Lower capacity and lower footprint. Entry size for flat deck trailers.

Tandem Axle

Provides additional capacity both in footprint and weight.

100” Wide Body

Widest body flat deck trailer, enabling larger loads, and flexibility.

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