Information About NS Trailers

After years of experience in the construction management industry along with our love of cars and toys, we recognized there was a need for high-quality hauling equipment. We decided it was time to share our valuable expertise and knowledge while supplying the perfect trailer for your everyday needs.

At NS Trailers you will have access to a wide variety of utility trailer options, whether you’re a contractor, business owner or an adventure heading to the cottage to enjoy some leisure time with friends and family. We want you to have the highest quality equipment for your heavy-duty transportation needs.

With years of hands-on-experience working with multiple construction and material types, we know the importance of an exceptional product, there NS trailers is proud to partner with Millroad Manufacturing Aluminum Trailer Company as our supplier. Millroad has dedicated nearly all their efforts to ensuring each trailer model meets or surpasses global industry standards, while constructing their trailers out of corrosive resistant aluminum.

As compared to steel construction. The natural corrosion resistance of aluminum eliminates time-consuming and costly maintenance repairs. Our trailer offers a 40% reduction in weight, helping you get more out of your investment by minimizing your overall spend.

Landscape & Utility Trailers Ontario

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