Power Tilt Trailers

Sometimes you need to load cargo onto a trailer and the ramps are impractical or just won’t work. In these cases, a tilt trailer may be the solution. Tilt trailers have powered decks that can tilt down to help with loading cargo. This can make a major difference if you need to carry something like a lawnmower or light construction equipment that would be challenging to line up correctly on the ramps. With the tilt trailer all you need to do is move the trailer bed down, load your cargo, return the trailer to its level position and tie down the cargo. Then, you are ready to go. No fussing around with heavy ramps.

Reliability and Flexibility

Every Millroad trailer is made from high-quality aluminum and other materials to be as practical and reliable as possible. Where others may settle for painted steel that corrodes and rusts, we select naturally robust materials so that you can be confident your trailer will be in perfect working order every time you need it.

Our tilts are among our most flexible options. They can carry all types of cargo. Our Deckover arrangement is extremely easy to load even with extra-wide cargo. Provided that your load is within the high weight capacity and can be secured on the deck, you will be ready to go. With the tilting mechanism, you don’t have to worry about damaging your heavy cargo during loading. Many other trailers need ramps as it can be hard to line up on equipment such as ATVs, landscaping equipment, motorcycles and more.


We can customize your trailer to meet your specific needs. Here are some of the parameters you can choose from:

Deck Size:

We offer 80-inch, 100-inch, and 101-inch (deckover) wide models. Additionally, you can choose a deck length of 16 to 24 feet in two-foot intervals.

Axle Capacity:

Our base models have two 5,200-pound axles. If you need a higher carrying capacity, select either our 6,000-pound or 7,000-pound axles or you can even make it tri axle giving you up to 10 ton carrying capacity.

Standard or Deckover:

Our 101-inch-wide model is a deckover setup. This makes loading even the widest cargo much easier. If you prefer a standard deck, we offer that too.

Standard and Optional Features

Our tilt trailers are available with a variety of high-quality standard and optional features. If you need a trailer that can handle all your cargo-carrying needs, check out our standard features on the Millroad Tilt trailer:

Let NS Trailers help you customize your trailer to your specifications. For example, you can choose between a solid front wall or rail. Some of our optional features are Extruded floor, Recessed floor ties, D-rings, Aluminum wheel rims, and a spare tire with optional mount plus much more.

MDO22T Power Tilt Trailer


With Winch Mount

MFT18T Power Tilt Trailer


With Winch Mount


With Winch Mount

Power Tilt Trailers

Tilt trailers have powered decks that can tilt down to help with loading cargo.

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